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Meet the New Intern!

by New London Main Street

Hello, my name is Ben Akselrod and as of today I have been an intern at New London Main Street for one month. I chose NLMS because I was looking for an internship that would provide hands on business to business experience. Upon my inquiry, my professor informed me that NLMS was one of the most highly regarded internships a business major could have. I looked into what projects were occurring at NLMS and Light Up New London caught my attention, this was the moment I knew I had found the right internship.

After meeting with New London Main Street Director Kristin Clarke, I knew that NLMS had a significant impact on New London’s small businesses. Upon doing research for projects to coincide with Light Up New London, I came up with the idea to create surveys for employees and college students in New London. The surveys would aim to collect data that would be shared with local businesses and city hall in order to raise awareness of consumer’s needs. Since the survey project is steadily growing in size, NLMS is partnering with the Southeastern Connecticut Cultural Coalition for more support and resources.

Whether it be going to each business and pitching Light Up New London or creating surveys that will benefit the city, I feel excellent knowing that not only am I gaining valuable experience, but I’m also making a difference in New London.